Welcome to Wana Be Popular, where we specialize in driving engagement and popularity through alternative marketing strategies. Let’s create a customized plan to make you and your business popular.

Our solutions

Alternative approaches to make you popular

We offer a range of alternative marketing solutions to help you stand out from the crowd and drive engagement. Our team of digital experts will work with you to create a customized strategy that fits your unique needs.

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Our services

Alternative marketing for popular businesses

Engagement Marketing
Disruptive marketing strategies to drive engagement and foster brand loyalty.



Data Analysis & Reporting
Data-driven insights to optimize your marketing strategy and drive results.



Digital Consulting
Expert guidance for your digital strategy, from website optimization to e-commerce consulting.



Influencer Partnerships
Leverage the power of influencers for authentic promotion and increased reach.



Analytics & Reporting
Data-driven insights to optimize your marketing strategy and measure your success.



Video Marketing
Engage your audience with captivating video content that tells your brand’s story.



Our portfolio

Success stories of popular brands

The Greenery
Alternative Marketing Campaign
To promote The Greenery’s eco-friendly products, we developed an alternative marketing campaign partnering with local environmental groups. Our strategy led to a 60% increase in their online following, and the campaign reached over 500,000 potential customers. This led to a 35% increase in sales.
Tech Innovations
Engagement Boosting Strategy
Tech Innovations needed a strategy to boost engagement and reach. We developed a comprehensive engagement plan, including social media contests, influencer partnerships, and targeted email campaigns. The brand saw a 50% increase in engagement and a 30% growth in revenue from their digital channels.